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Дата добавления: 2016-10-29

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Текст песни:

Verse 1

Little girl sleeping in dreams of peace,
Mommy's been gone a long time,
Daddy comes home and she still sleeps,
Waiting for the world's worst crime.

And he comes up the stairs like he always does,
And he never turns on the light,
And she's wide awake, scared to death,
She smells his lust and she smells his sweat
Curled in a ball she holds her breath
Praying to a God that she's never met

Don't let daddy kiss me,
Don't let daddy kiss me
Good night

Verse 2

Little girl lies by her daddy's side
And she listens to him breathe
She knows there's something awful wrong
That she's far too young to see
And she knows she can't tell anyone
She's so full of guilt and shame,
And if she tells she'll be all alone
They'd steal her daddy and they'd steal her home
And it's not so bad when daddy leaves her alone
Praying to her God with his heart of stone

Don't let daddy kiss me,
Don't let daddy kiss me
Good night

Why, tell me why, the worst crime in the world

Verse 3

And daddy lies by his daughter's side,
And he sleeps both deep and well
No nighares come to him tonight,
Though his daughter lives in hell

For his seed is sown where it should not be
And the beast in his mind don't care
And the only sounds are the tears that fall

Little girl turns her face to the wall
She knows that no one hears her call,
But it seems like God hears nothing at all

Don't let daddy kiss me,
Don't let daddy kiss me,
Don't let daddy kiss me

Good night

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